Nehru Place


Nehru Palace


IT Hub of Delhi, Nehru Place is the major business center in Delhi. It is a place that stores that sell computers and computer parts. Each piece of equipment is available in almost all ranges. You will be amazed at the sale of hardware and software providers on the lawns of Nehru Place. Workshop papers "There are several here. You can get all kinds of printing on almost any size to a very low price. Like any other market in India, negotiations can save money. If you really want to reduce costs, try to catch the seller and get a pirated version of almost all software.

LCD since last August, Nehru Place is for you. The building may be old and rusty, but the products on sale here are outstanding. And if you are tired of shopping, many restaurants and satisfies the appetite of local specialties like Rajma Shawal, chawal Kadi, lamb fried rice ,Lassi. Geographically, Nehru Place is a growing mass of commercial bus station, buses running almost the entire city and beyond. Located in South Delhi, Nehru Place is the commercial center, with streets clean and spacious. Regions, includes cinemas, markets, and many educational institutions.

Chawri Bazar